FAQ - Hiring @MrFredSpears

A: YES! The I Wanna Be Rich™ company has been around since 2010 as a licensed and trademarked business that provides legitimate ways for people to make money online, we don't make money unless you make money so its in our best interest to get things done. We have never failed to provide what we offer.
A: Of course :) We aren't doing a money cycler or any kind of gifting program, when you Hire Mr. Frederick Spears directly you gain access to the already flowing sources of income for the I Wanna Be Rich™ company, we have over 47,000+ paid internet marketers as well as the largest niche Make Money Online advertising source ever created. Our reputation wont be risked or tarnished over a few dollars.
A: To get the full 'guaranteed' returns might take 12 months but you can cash out and terminate the service agreement at any time. Prematurely cashing out your account is no issue or hassle at all because every new account is pre-programmed to earn the full return value, leaving early will only fill the company coffers of the remaining balance that you forfeited. Just think how long it would take for you to make these amounts on the internet all by yourself, is it even possible? Im going to make this a reality because I already have the busines, the marketers, the sales funnels and the services in place earning money right now.
A: The majority of the I Wanna Be Rich™ companys earnings come from the Viral Franchise, 90% of that income is daily and monthly recurring so it never stops flowing. When you hire me im going to take that fee you paid and boost my marketing sources in order to increase the companys recurring income, out of that recurring income im able to offer you and all my other clients a one time payout of the contracted amount. Nobody has done what I have done in the timeframe that I have done it especially in this industry, im nowhere near finished. So if you would like a piece of what im going to do then go back to the last page and Hire me today.
A: Contact me and i will email you the request form, fill it out, make a copy for yourself and send it back. After I verify the information I will send the balance of your account directly to you via cash, check, email transfer or money order, there are no fees for cashing out.
A: No. In order to uphold the legality of my service I cannot pay my employers or issue cash incentives to the people that i'm contracted to work for, it creates a conflict of interest.
A: Correct. Hire me to make you money online and that's exactly what i'm going to do, the I Wanna Be Rich™ sales funnels are ripping at the seams as we speak so the sooner you make a good decision the sooner the C.E.O of the I Wanna Be Rich™ company will be working for you.
A: There is no limit. Every time an account is created it is preprogrammed to earn the funn return, it doesnt change or effect anything based on who's name its in. Additional accounts however must use different email addressess for tracking and filing purposses.

How To Easily Make Money With Our Services

With Viral Sales it doesn't get any easier where you simply make a daily purchase and follow our social media marketing plan of (like, share, tweet). There is no recruiting/referring or downlines to build, just do it and watch what happens.

Cost: $1.50 a day
The Viral Franchise is an incredible promotional tool that every internet marketer should be taking advantage of, sign up because you need a cost effective unlimited advertising source. Every ad campaign you place receives 3000 impressions and unlimited hits, when the impressions on a campaign runs out just create another campaign.

If you choose to promote the Viral Franchise and achieve 5000 monthly hits you will become a top promoter and receive 100000 impressions per campaign, this keeps your campaigns running longer so you don't need to restart them as frequently. From those 5000 hits you receive the ability to make franchise sales, in doing so you can create a 30 level downline that infinitly wide and receive unlimited abouts of daily and monthly recurring payments. There are also many other benefits such as our "Log In Lottery" and "Sales Cut Income".

Cost: $7 monthly OR 0.31 cents daily
The premise is simple, you sign up to gain access to almost 2000 downloadable resale products and services and put them to work, there is also an amazing 2 tiered system of recurring payments. The easiest way to earn incredible amounts of recurring income is to be honest with people in your sales pitch.

Joe: "Do you want to make money online?"
Steve: "Yes" Joe: "Ok, sign up to my link at customizecash.com/?joe."

Steve: "So how do I make money after I sign up?"
Joe: "Repeat our conversation and ask people if they want to make money online."

Cost: $10 dollars monthly
A: Coming Soon